Know us

"Mandalas is founded in 2005, an adventure that has continued for 18 years, a long journey filled with rich experiences and discoveries for Jamyang, creator of Mandalas. Of Tibetan origin, born and raised in India, she has been living in France since 1999.
Her creations are the reflections of her multicultural sensibilities. She aspires to weave links between hearts and cultures.
Her curiosity to learn from life with unyielding determination and a heart filled with love and gratitude for her profession, she continues to immerse herself in a world of colors, shapes and textures, guided by her intuitions and by her passion. Her creation is an invitation to travel, to discover new cultures and to celebrate the diversity that makes our world so rich.
“My greatest satisfaction is the joy expressed by my customers, and the bond of respect and mutual trust that I share with my craftsmen and my collaborators”