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Who am I ?

Jamyang Cheodon: I am of Tibetan origin. I grew up in India and moved to France in 1999, where I opened my first boutique a few years later in 2005. When I arrived in Paris I discovered a world I didn’t know. I was amazed by all the beauties of this country such as monuments, culture and art in all its forms.
In France, I learned a lot and I am deeply grateful for this country and for the people who supported and encouraged me. So I wanted to share in return the riches of my culture from the countries of origin, Tibet, Nepal and India.
Strongly inspired by the mandala that we celebrate every year in my village in India, I wish to offer and share with my customers, products that reflect this art so delicate and refined.

Thanks to my multiculturalism, I develop my creations while preserving the Tibetan and Indian ancestral know-how and manufacturing techniques. I am particularly happy to contribute to the preservation of this culture so dear to my eyes.
As founder of Mandalas Paris, I share my memories, my sensitivity and my childhood through my creations in the range of clothing, household linen, jewelry, pashminas and scarves all made in a responsible and artisanal way.

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