Orange Pashmina (cashmere)

Composition : 100% pure pashmina
Size : 75 * 210 cm

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Pashmina is the finest and softest wool from the Himalayan region (Tibet, Nepal, India…). It is also called a “Gold Fiber”
In order to make one scarf, almost 10 goats need to be bred. Those goats are specials as they can survive on high altitude, above 4000m in Himalayan region and only they can provide this very fine wool.
The higher the altitude, the higher is the quality of Pashmina. When you feel the fiber in your hand, it needs no introduction, it’s one of the softest fabrics and extremely light weight wool and is also very warm.
Pashmina has a unique natural shine on it. when you wrap yourself in it, the fall and the feel of this fabric is so gentle that you will never want to quit it…
Care tip:
Wash gently by hand without rubbing with special soft wool detergent or a soft shampoo. Dry flat and iron softly. You can also wash it in the machine (wool programme). Use a linen bag to protect the fabric. Be careful with the spinning, set it on “very soft mode”
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