Gray polka dots stole

Composition: 92% wool 8% silk
Size: 70 cm * 200 cm

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100% natural fabric
For whom?
For all : Man Women Child and Adult

How to wear
Wrap around your neck or make simple knot around your chest – for an elegant, casual and relaxed look.
Style and Effect
Elegant, Modern, Contemporary, Simple, Chic, Casual…
Perfect gift to anyone.
Color matching suggestions
It goes perfectly well with black, white and grey outfit. Sober and classy with office formal wear. Casual and elegant with denims for weekends. Polka dots always add some fun to your look.
Why choose our scarves?
Sensitive to sustainable and responsible consumption, all my scarves are made of natural fabrics such as pashmina, wool, silk, cotton and linen. I also take into consideration the comfort of the product. Not only the materials are natural and pleasant to touch, they are also comfortable to wear.
Respect of nature and people involved in the production is an important element that we always take into consideration before making our choice. We try our best to be aware and be responsible.
All my scarves I select them personally with enthusiasm and care. I love colors and patterns, so I do this with utmost joy.
My scarves are made in India and Nepal in different regions, each known for their specialty: in dyeing, embroidery or weaving.
Care instructions:
Wash gently by hand with a soft wool detergent product.
You can also wash it in machine on wool program (in a laundry bag if possible for extra protection). Be careful with the spinning, set it on very soft mode.
DELIVERY in 3 days in France

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